Church Rebuild

In the early morning hours of May 9, 2009 our church was struck by lightening.  In spite of the valiant efforts of the firefighters, we watched helplessly in the rain as fire destroyed our sanctuary, fellowship hall and five classrooms.  First Baptist had stood as a spiritual landmark in this little community for many decades.  Many who gathered in the rain were able to remember their own wedding, their own profession of faith, or their own baptism in this beloved sanctuary.  As night slowly turned to day, we comforted one another and our hearts turned to God and what we know He holds in store for us in our continuing journey of faith.

Over this past year, "Church out of a box" as some have come to call it, has been a new and challenging journey for many.  Though we are so grateful to the Gideon school system for continuing to allow us the use of the cafeteria for our worship services, we miss what we had and we long for what we believe will be ours once again.

Through our own trials, we cannot help but recall the patten of Christianity itself: our faith always grows greater when it knows persecution, and when the trials that Scripture promises will come, indeed visit our door.  And true to these biblical principles, we have experienced much evangelistic growth, baptizing 20 people since this journey toward renewal began.

Accordingly, even though the testing of our faith continues, we are certain of one thing: we may have been taken by surprise, but our God was not.  He holds all things in His hands and He holds us securely.  Therefore, as we endeavor to grow spiritually through our trials, we remember that this is but a season.  New days are ahead for this church and this community.  There are more lives to be reached for eternity and there are more saints to be discipled.

We are on a journey.  The apostle Paul compared it to a race.  We simply pray that we will run it well.  We invite you to partner with us in the race that we are called to run - through your prayers that we covet so much and in any other way in which God may lead you.  This is and will be a place where all are welcome.  Consider yourself invited for the journey.

For His Purpose,
Pastor Al

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